What People are Saying About Chained Guilt


Chained Guilt by Terry Keys I loved this book which left you saying I can’t wait for his next book. Even thou his is an Indie, he writes in the style of Patterson, I would say even better. The characters are well rounded and brings you into the book as if you are a part of it. He also sent his readers of this book a free copy of the next book Maximum Guilt, how many authors do that? I think Detective David Porter will be as well know as Pattersons Detective Cross.

I haven’t been this interested in a book like this for a long time. This book was so enthralling that I couldn’t put it down. No joke! You definitely won’t make a mistake picking this one up.

Really good read. Want to read the series now, which doesn’t happen often.

Excellent story, and writing good plot, kept me guessing, anxiously await more from this author.

It was a good mystery that left you wondering. I had to get the next book just to see what happens next.

The interesting looking book cover completed me to read this one and I found myself unable to put it down!!

I was all set to give this book only 4 stars, but the end twist thew more for a loop. Not to mention, it’s a good story overall, too. It also doesn’t hurt that it takes place in my home state. Go Texas!

Great build up and details great for the imagination. Loved the weird twist and would hate my life to mirror this. I would recommend great read.

I couldn’t put this book down. The storyline grabbed me from the get-go. As a mother, it was disturbing to read about children being brutally murdered in the way they were. But, to experience it from the detectives POV & how was rough. I did want to shake him in regards to his relationship with Staci, but did see how he tried to make it work. Excellent book. Highly recommend it.

Loved it. I normally don’t read detective stories from authors I’m not familiar with. But I’m glad I took a chance on Terry. He’s great.

What a pacey read! Unexpected ending ! Left in the dark now I have to wait in anticipation for the 2nd book to get the thrilling conclusion to this enthralling tale of GUILT.

Terry Keys is an excellent author and has a very good story line. This is an excellent book and I can hardly wait for more.

Twists and turns to always keep me guessing. Can’t wait to read the next one. Face paced .. Twisted .. Along with twists and turns.. You just want to yell no don’t got there or do that..or you’ve got to be kidding me??

This was an easy read with a great story line and Detective David Porter is kick ass!!! Much congrats to Terry Keys, Texas rules!!!

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