The Birthday Hunt by Terry Keys

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USA Today Bestselling Author Terry Keys brings you a non-stop thrill ride full of secrets and lies – that will keep you turning pages deep into the night.

Tom and Mary Hunt wanted their son – Axe’ eighteenth birthday to be memorable. Although Mary despised hunting, Axe loved the sport and the couple agreed to fund a hunting trip to celebrate the milestone. They hadn’t planned the weekend to be a sex, drug and alcohol fueled party but Axe and his friends had different ideas. And one shot with his dad’s rifle could change everything – forever.

Tom and Mary’s perfect life of lies was suddenly in danger of being exposed, along with the reputation of their nearly flawless son Axe. As the police probe snakes deeper and deeper, haunting family secrets will no longer stay buried. Will this hunting trip restore their fragile family or will the weight of deceit finally break them?

One shot could destroy them all.

Don’t miss this riveting psychological thriller from Terry Keys.

Death Toll Recon: David Porter Mystery #5

Despite being warned Galveston’s District Attorney Olivia Grace, vowed to clean up the rogue police department that had taken over the city. Nearly one year later she is arrested for the grizzly murder of a local judge. Meanwhile a teacher, a cop and hundreds of other Americans are dying suddenly with seemingly no warning. Doctor’s and scientists have no answers; fear and panic have again gripped the nation. Halfway across the globe the terrorist group God’s Warriors was watching their plan unfold and waiting for the right moment to strike again. All of David Porter’s detective skills will be put to the test as he tries to untangle this web of corruption and chaos.

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A must-read psychological thriller from USA Today Bestselling author Terry Keys. If you want a book that’s going to keep you up reading way past your bedtime this is it. So good the pages practically turn themselves.

“I could feel his evil in my bones.” After his wife was murdered CID operative Tanner Storm moved to Houston to start his life over. His plan to PI petty crime cases and catch a few cheating husbands was quickly dashed when a sinister serial struck again. Within hours of his arrival Storm, was entangled in the maze of murderous violence that was every investigators worst nightmare. Nothing he has ever seen has prepared him for being face-to-face with this killer.

A Visit to Irving, TX and the NEDRP Conference

Warm November greetings to you from Houston Texas!I spent the last two days in Irving, Texas at the National Educators for Restorative Practices (NEDRP) 2019 Conference. Being around so many amazing educators was awesome and inspiring. I led a breakout session (see a...

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Games of Guilt
Games of Guilt
Chained Guilt
Games of Guilt
Chained Guilt
Chained Guilt

Good story, lots of twists. Suspense, drama, twists and turns a very good read.
I have found a new mystery writer for my bookshelf.

First time reader of Terry Keys

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